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Web Services

  • Home
    The page that welcomes you to my Website and introduces my services.
  • Web Design
    The second step when creating a Website is Web design (the first one being the planning)
  • Web Development
    Once the Website has been designed and the design (Photoshop mockup) has been approved, it is time to recreate the mockup in HTML, the programming language for the Internet.
  • Web Animation
    Some client will want to ad some catchy animation to their page. The animations are done using Adobe Flash. They are optimised for the Web and will add real value to your Website.
  • Search Optimisation
    Search optimisation is an essential step in Web development. The content must be optimised so it includes as many relevant terms (keywords) and still remains intelligible. A strategy must be planned too, so the site is referenced in as many quality and relevant Websites as possible. This is just an example of some of the measure we will work on together. We will discuss the issue of SEO in more details during the development stage.
  • eCommerce
    eCommerce is advanced Web development. I can set up a catalogue system and a shopping trolley to enable you to sell your product online.
  • eMail Marketing
    When your Website is online and works flawlessly, you will want your customers to know about it. I can help by setting up an email template that will send HTML or rich text formatted messages to a group of people. This is a complex subject and you can ask me if you have any question.
  • About William
    This is some info about me from the early years to today.

Miscellaneous features

  • Périgueux
    Périgueux is the beautiful city I live in. Situated in Dordogne, Aquitaine in South West France. View some pictures I took recently. I just love Périgueux and Dordogne, its beautiful region.
  • Bryan Greetham
    Bryan Greetham is a great guy I met in Périgueux in 2005. He is a author and write books on Philosophy particularly. His partner is Pat. She is a talented bilingual Desktop Publishing Operator working in Southern England. I think they would both love to come down to settle down in Southern France. Who would blame them...
  • Peter Hackett
    Peter Hackett is a good friend I met when he interviewed me on his radio show (Hackett Quarter hour) on Radio Périgueux 103. He is an English teacher and a translator. He works and lives in Périgueux.
  • Reciprocal links
    One needs to make one's Website known, and this is what Reciprocal links (aka Affiliates links and some other names I can't recall at this very second). Reciprocal links are also useful to make one's Website rank higher in search engines results. It's part of the SEO process.
  • About William
    Info about my career, my life in England and more.
  • My Blog
    I have started a blog. Mostly written in French, it's personal stuff you won't be interested in.
  • Contact
    You can contact me via the online contac form or by calling me on my home phone (+33 (0)5 53 53 20 10 ) or mobile phone. You can also reach me via Skype.

Contenu en francais

  • Accueil
    La page d'accueil en français de ce site. Cette page vous expose mes services de Web developer en Périgord et ailleurs en France et dans le monde.
  • Mon blog
    Ce blog liste les personnes, commerces et autres entreprises qui contribuent de manière exceptionnelle a l'essor de la région, grâce a leur originalité, créativité, ou sens civique. C'est donc très subjectif et vous pourrez ne pas être de mon avis.

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