Bordeaux Perigueux Dordogne Perigord

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Perigueux, Perigord, Dordogne

Saint Front Church Périgueux

The name Périgueux comes from the Petrocorii (Latinized Celtic name, meaning "four tribes"), the Gallic people that held the area before the Roman conquest. Périgueux was their capital city.

Source: Wikipedia

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Vivre en Périgord à Périgueux ›
Life in Dordogne and Périgueux ›

Towards Rue de l'AbreuvoirRue Taillefer, Périgueux
Place Saint Louis, Périgueux

Saint Front Cathedral
(top left)
Avenue Montaigne
(above left)
Rue Taillefer (above right)
Place Saint Louis (right)
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Tourism information office
(in French)
Official Town Hall website
(in French)
Read more about Périgueux on Wikipedia ›

Smart, serein places and historic quarters are what Périgueux is made of.

Quartier historique de Périgueux

Place Saint Louis, La Source (sculpture below)

Place Saint Louis

You will get a decent expresso in most cafés in town, but if it's a great café créme you want, I can't think of a better place than Au coeur du café also known as Café Errel on the place Coderc (where the daily market is located). You may purchase some excellent croissants from the boulangerie a few meters up the rue Limogeane or next to the small Post Office.

Café Errel, place Coderc, Rajanee Bhana Genevieve Honore

The Périgord région has a lively communauty of artistes who cater for all tastes and who often exposed at the gallery Art Notre in the old part of Périgueux, Yvette Sacristani (below) or Petula Beynet-Lacombe (above).


Rue Taillefer vers le Monoprix

Market day is, well, every day...
But the main market days take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Marché place Coderc
Vers la rue de l'abreuvoir a Périgueux

The place Francheville (below) has a large multi-screen cinema and restaurants since its completion in October 2006.

Place Francheville

The Ice Garden Café aka Café de Paris (below) one of the hippest café in town.

Brasserie populaire pour les gens 'huppés' et autres 'bobos'
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The purpose of this page is to give you a view of Périgueux, the capital city of Dordogne, in the Aquitaine region of France.

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