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Who is Peter Hackett?

I met Peter Hackett at the beginning of 2007, when he interviewed me for one of his radio shows, « Hackett's Quarter of Hour › on Radio Périgueux 103 (actually 102.3MHZ FM). Read more about the interview on my blog ›

Peter Hackett Radio Perigueux 103
Peter Hackett | Radio Périgueux 103 (play the intro)

Peter Hackett is a man of many talents, which he has accumulated through years of what seems to have been a fascinating life.

Peter was born in England, but because he is half Irish, he supports Ireland's Rugby team. To his credit, Peter also support the CAP Rugby Club in Périgueux.

After teaching in England and having a go at acting in plays and disc jockeying in a hospital to, as he puts it, « put a smile on the face of very sick people ›, he moved with his French partner (whom he met when she was teaching in Marlborough) to France and has been living in Dordogne for over 17 years.

Peter's main occupation is teaching English at the IUT Périgueux, part of Bordeaux Montesquieu university. He also provides English courses to dentists, pharmacists, doctors, the Department Head at the Mairie of Périgueux and to anyone who has to deal with anglophone expatriates living in Aquitaine. He gives 1 to 1 English courses to students too. Should you wish to contact Peter in relation to English courses, please contact me and I will pass the message on to him at the earliest opportunity.

Before working as a regular broadcaster for Radio Perigueux 103 Peter worked for France Bleu Périgord. So he has a lot of experience in radio and this was evident when he invited me to his program. I would like to add that « Hackett's Quarter Hour › program is sponsored by AngloInfo Aquitaine.

Glimpses of the Dordogne, translated into English by Peter Hackett

One of Peter's great passions is books. He has translated into English books on Dordogne and on food, written by Michel Testut. Here is an example: « GLIMPSES OF THE DORDOGNE  › See it on Amazon or on

What says about Peter
« ...A sensitive translator, this cultivated man is a radio broadcaster, actor, historian and English teacher at Bordeaux University, Here in GLIMPSES OF THE DORDOGNE he has succeeded in finding just the right expressions that capture all the art of living, all the intellectual and emotional pleasure contained in Michel Testut's work. ›

As well as books, Peter loves food, and this is why he would like to write a book on British soup recipes. To achieve his goal, he would need to gather 100 odd recipes, which he promises to cook and taste live during « Hackett's Quarter Hour › (to tell you, I suppose, how good your recipe is...). If you are a 'cordon bleu' and know a good British soup recipe such as carrott and orange soup, partridge soup or cock-a-leekie soup, then please send it to:
Radio Périgueux 103,
Hackett's Quarter Hour,
12 Rue Arago
24000 Perigueux

Peter Hackett hopes his work in all spheres, will endear anglophones living in Dordogne to better know and appreciate this beautiful region of France.

France faces a 'rosbif' invasion

Read a article about Dordogne and the British invasion. Peter is quoted towards the middle of the article.

Now you know about Peter and his radio show, please, let it be known amongst your fellow expatriates.

Something unmissable you are kindly invited to tell those around you about...

« Hackett's Quarter Hour › live on the 102.3 MHZ FM and the Internet on Monday's and Thursday's morning at 9.30am with rediffusion of the programs on Tuesday's and Friday's at 11.30am (radio only). Listen to it!

Peter's own blog set up by Martin Swanson, manager of AngloInfo Aquitaine (may not be up-to-date)

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The purpose of this page to introduce to Peter Hackett, a man with many talents.

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